Best Royal Giant Deck: Ultimate Deck Strategy Guide

Arena 7 unlocks the Royal Giant a construction targeting extended range unit with higher hit points. The Royal giant is much more elastic compared to the Giant as it is a very long range troop using its cannon. That is why, now I will talk about the finest Royale Giant deck of 2017.

Its hit points vary from 1200 — 3708. A greater Elixir choice compared to Giant, I wished to give it a try for one elixir stage to simply experimentation. The assault range was raised from 6 to 7 and harm was raised by 20% which makes it the most powerful slow moving ground troop. I experimented with a lot of cards such as princess, Hog riders but had been taken down some manner or another. Decided to float the deck with my expertise and wahoo!! It worked I took down my competitor in a ferocious conflict.

This is your greatest Royal Giant Deck: Visit and understand How to Use Every Card at the Deck.

A 3.2 Elixir deck will not seem to be a pricey choice but it is a fantastic trade off to get a win conflict strategy. I retained the deck simple for people who don’t possess more heroic or legendary cards to add variation to the deck.

Greatest Royale Giant

The card of this deck keeps pulling the attackers towards him hence behaving as a diversion in addition to keeps assaulting them also. This technique works best for its melee troops to march ahead and attack the towers. The melee troops may utilize Royal Giant as a defense and keep moving forward. The moment he’s nearer to the bridge that the Royal Giant is an immediate danger to the rival towers.

Minion Hordes

The atmosphere troops operate really nicely with high hit stage troops such as Royal Giant. They work really nicely with Spear Goblin to divert such troops while the minions take the enemy troops down using its air strikes. The minion hordes can’t shield themselves against the dash troops. Royal Giants and barbarians if deployed near Minions that they assist the Minions reach the towers the Minions understand how to take the towers down.